art on paper returns to Pier 36 in midtown Manhattan from September 8-11 for its highly anticipated eighth edition, with 95 galleries showcasing the best modern and contemporary art on paper. The fair’s focus on specific media continues to spark unique and powerful projects – visual and experiential moments that have made art on paper a go-to destination for collectors, curators and art lovers.

Visitors will discover an innovative program on paper in the public areas of the fair. Dublin’s Stoney Road Press will present Leah Hewson’s ‘Kin Collection’, a large-scale interactive installation created specifically for the show; Yuko Nishikawa from the Cynthia Corbett gallery will present a mobile made of 100% recycled waste paper in the central lounge; and NYU Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Art Department, Angiola Churchill, will present “Pandora’s Box II” in collaboration with her gallery, Wook+Lattuada. Additionally, Accola Griefen Fine Art will present a site-specific installation from the ongoing series by artist Bang Guel Han A chain and a frame.

This and many more remarkable moments await you at New York’s beloved midway fair.

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